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Moving to Cartagena, Colombia

A map with an arrow pointing from a heart in Minnesota, USA to a star in Cartagena, Colombia.

Big news: My family and I are moving to Cartagena, Colombia! My wife is beginning a job in Cartagena, Colombia in July. We have a lot to do before then: international paperwork, travel vaccinations, deciding what to pack, what to store, and what to purge, selling our house, finding a new place to live, saying “see you later” to our friends & family, and actually moving. This will mean living in an urban area again after spending the last 6 years in rural, northern Minnesota. In 2016 we moved from St. Paul, MN (pop. 305,000) to Grand Rapids, MN (pop. 11,000). By comparison, over 914,000 people live in Cartagena. Despite my attraction to urban life, Cartagena will be very unfamiliar. I’ll be in a different country, with a different language, culture, and climate, on a different continent. I’m excited to see how this adventure will impact my art practice, my family, and my outlook.


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